Washing powder G1

Washing powder G1

A good washing powder should have several good properties. First of all, they need to overcome any dirt and regardless of the type of fabric, do not spoil it. They must be effective, regardless, we wash by hand or a certain type of washing machine, what water temperature, water hard or soft. After all, washed it is important not to Tink it, or the garment clean - it must look clean. Your laundry should be soft and
refreshingly fragrant. White linen should be white, and colored - bright and not faded. G1 washing powder designed specifically to meet all these requirements

Why washing powder?

Today, in every home, washing powder is used for washing once a week or even daily.

Why Golden G1?

This is a unique tool that works in water of any temperature.
Effectively washes out many stains.
The original washing powder formula detains dirt and prevents it from penetrating other laundry.
Leaves no marks after rinsing.
Controls the formation of foam.
Protects the washing machine from corrosion.
How does G1 work?

Scientists have long understood that removing fat stains is very difficult. Fabrics have a special feature - they
as if attracted by mud molecules. They penetrate deeply into the tissue and resist attempts to remove them. G1 offers a solution to this problem. The active components of G1 penetrate even into the hardest-to-remove stains, and the alkaline components remove dirt molecules from the tissue. It is important that the removed dirt does not come into contact with other linen. G1 contains components that hold dirt in water until it is removed from the washing machine after washing. In addition, G1 has materials that protect metal washing
part of the machine against corrosion.

G1 contains sodium percarbonate, which removes the most deeply penetrated stains, due to special components acts even in low-temperature water.
G1 contains optical bleaches that bleach white linen even more, and colored linen becomes even brighter. Since the components of G1 do not accumulate in the fabric, your laundry will not fade even when washing many times.

G1 easy rinse-this is another advantage of this remedy

Golden G1 during rinsing is completely removed. Washing powder does not leave any soap deposits, as a result of which the fabric fades. They do not shrink the fabric and allow it to be easily ironed. Powder does not leave any stains on shirts, underwear or socks, so it does not irritate the skin. Skin does not irritate bed sheets and pillowcases.

Instructions for use
Golden G1 formula guarantees the most effective washing. Washing powder is economical, can be used in water of various temperatures. When using, pay attention to the amount of Use and the instructions indicated on the label.