About us

  •  I am Daiva. I'm 36 years old. We live with a lovely family in the small town of Kvėdara, in the Šilalė district. I am a pharmacist. I am interested in the importance of nutrients for our body. The knowledge and experience of university studies in the pharmacy makes it possible for me to understand how nutrients are absorbed in the body. As one substance affects another. For example, the condition of the iron deficit indicates pale skin, sensitive tongue, fatigue and apathy, lack of appetite and nausea. Anemia is clinically determined by measuring hemoglobin in the blood. However, anemia can also be caused by the lack of other substances such as vitamin B12 and Folio acid. Iron deficit anemia are most common to women, especially during pregnancy. As iron is zinc antagonist, iron supplements in doses of more than two RPN, which is 30 mg of iron, must be given to the higher zinc in the 18 years in pharmacy and personal life advise people, advise on health issues. 13 years ago I have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease - extractive sclerosis. This led me to take responsibility for your health. I think that we all need to expand the traditional approach to your health.Moko experience and knowledge can benefit you.