Vitamin K (phyloquinone)

Vitamin K (phyloquinone)

Who needs it ?

Vitamin K, controls blood coagulability .


Signs of deficiency

Bleeding (occurs easily and quickly)

How much?

RDA (recommended daily intake) is not determined , sufficient amounts of vitamin K are produced by saprophytic intestinal bacteria.
OPN (optimal daily intake) is not established , sufficient quantities are produced by saprophytic intestinal bacteria.


No worries.

Recommended foods

Cauliflower (3600 mcg) ,Brussels sprouts (1888 mcg), lettuce (135 mcg), cabbage (125 mcg) , beans (290 mcg), broccoli (200 mcg), green peas (260 mcg), watercress (56 mcg) , asparagus (57 mcg), potatoes (50 mcg), corn oil (50 mcg), tomatoes (5 mcg),milk (1 mcg).


Quality saprophytic intestinal bacteria.


Antibiotics. For newborns-artificial feeding.

Patrick Holford" the new bible of optimal nutrition " P. Publisher of book 482 (Medical Research and consultation center)