Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol)

Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol)

Who needs it ?

Vitamin E-antioxidant , protects cells from damage and from cancer . Helps the body to use oxygen, prevents the appearance of clots , thromboses and atherosclerosis.Accelerates wound healing and heals infertility. Very suitable for skin.

Signs of deficiency

Lack of Libido , exhaustion after light physical exertion , rapidly emerging bruises and bruises, slow wound healing, varicose veins, weakness of muscle tone , infertility.

How much ?

RDA (recommended daily intake) 10mg
OPN (optimal daily intake) 300 mg


It is not observed if a dose of 2000 mg d-alpha tocopherol is not exceeded with long – term use or 35000 mg with short-term use.

Recommended foods

Unrefined corn oil(53 mg), sunflower seeds (52.6 mg), peanuts (11.5 mg) , sesame seeds ( 22.7 mg) ,beans (7.7 mg) , peas (2.3 mg) , wheat germ ( 27.5 mg) ,tuna (6.3 mg), sardines(2.0 mg) , salmon(1.5 mg),Jerusalem artichoke (4.0 mg)


Acts in combination with vitamin C and selenium.


High temperature baking, especially frying in a frying pan, air pollution , birth control pills, high content of processed and fried fats and oils.

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