Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Who needs it?

Vitamin B6 is necessary for digestion and use of proteins , brain activity and hormone production. Helps to balance the production of sex hormones, so used in PMS and menopause. Natural antidepressant and urine-driving vitamin .Helps control allergic reactions.


Signs of deficiency

Rare dreams, fluid retention , numbness of hands, depression , nervousness , irritability , muscle tremor and cramps ,lack of energy, peeling skin.

How much?

RDA (recommended daily intake) 2mg
OPN (optimal daily intake) 75 mg.


Occurs if the dose of pyridoxine exceeds 1000 mg and has been administered without other B vitamins.

Recommended foods

Watercress(0.13 mg), cauliflower(0.20 mg), cabbage (0.16 mg), bell pepper (0.17 mg), bananas (0.51 mg), pumpkin (0.14 mg), broccoli (0.21 mg), asparagus (0.15 mg),lentils (0.11 mg), red beans(0.44 mg), Brussels sprouts (0.25 mg) , onions ( 0.10 mg), seeds and nuts (various amounts).


Other vitamins of Group B, zinc and magnesium. It is best to take with food and zinc supplement.


Alcohol, smoking , birth control pills , protein-rich diet, processed foods.

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