Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid)

Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid)

Who needs it?

Vitamin B3 is necessary for energy production , brain activity and skin. Helps balance blood sugar and lower cholesterol. Participates in inflammatory and digestive processes.

Signs of deficiency

Lack of energy, diarrhea , insomnia , headache and migraine , poor memory , anxiety and tension , depression , irritability , bleeding and sensitivity of the gums, acne , eczema and dermatitis.

How much?

RDA recommended daily intake of 18 mg
Optimal daily dose of OPN 85 mg


It is not known if the Daily Dose is less than 3000 mg.

Recommended foods

Mushrooms (4 mg) , tuna (12.9 mg), chicken (5.2 mg) , salmon (7.0 mg), asparagus (1.11 mg),cabbage (0.3 mg),Lamb(4.15 mg),mackerel (5.0 mg), Turkey(5.5 mg),tomatoes (0.7 mg),zucchini and pumpkin (0.54 mg) , cauliflower (0.6 mg) , wholemeal wheat flour(4.33 mg))


Other vitamins of Group B and chromium. It is best to take with food.


Antibiotics , tea ,coffee, birth control pills and alcohol.

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