Vitamin B1 (thiamine)

Vitamin B1 (thiamine)

Who needs it?

Vitamin B1 is necessary for energy production , brain activity and digestion .Helps the body to use proteins.


Signs of deficiency.

Muscle pain, eye pain , irritability , poor concentration ,leg pain , poor memory , stomach pain , constipation , numbness of hands, rapid heartbeat.

How much ?

RRN (recommended daily intake) 1.4 mg
OPN (optimal daily intake) 35.0 mg



Recommended foods

Watercress (0.1 mg) , pumpkin (0.05 mg), zucchini(0.12 mg),Lamb (0.12 mg), asparagus (0.11 mg),mushrooms(0.1 mg), green peas (0.32 mg), lettuce (0.07 mg) , bell peppers (0.07 mg) , cauliflower (0.10 mg), cabbage (0.06 mg),tomatoes (0.06 mg), Brussels sprouts (0.10 mg) beans (0.55 mg).


Acts in combination with vitamins of Group B , as well as with magnesium and manganese. It is best to take with a vitamin B complex during meals.


Antibiotics, tea, coffee, stress, birth control pills, alkalising agents like soda and preservative sulfur dioxide, cooking and other food processing,

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