„Tre“ Food supplement, nutrient extract Neolife

  • „Tre“ Food supplement, nutrient extract Neolife

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    Tre is not just juice! It is a nutrient extract, delicious and refreshing drink that provides grenades, cabbage and green tea strengths for your well-being.



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    Net content: 750 ml 

  • "Tre" strong, unique combination of pure extracts from grenades, cabbage fruits and green tea, supplemented with original GNLD "inflox berry mixture with resveratrol and alfa lipo acid, naturally subordinate agave nectar.

    Provides valuable resveratrol, which are in grapes, and other water-soluble nutrients. Strong, standardized content of active substances - Pomegranate fruit puniconagenic and green tea polyphenols. Tasty and concentrated: From the first sip you feel its refreshing taste and power. Strong Tre is a refreshing extract that supports low glycemic levels.

    Components: Water, Panate GRANATUM (Punica Granatum) (10%), Grape Cutting Concentrate (Vitis Vinifera - Real Vine) (10%), Sirup (8%), Berry Extract (Vaccinium Corymbosum - High Corimbosum ; Vaccinium Macrocarpon; Vaccino Macrocarpon - Limes Nigrum - Black Serbents; Vitis Vinifera - Vaccinium Myrtillus - Simple Blueberry) (0.1%), Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis - Chinese Tea Tee) (0 , 08%), alpha lipo acid (0.06%), preservative sodium benzoate; Pomegranate seed pulp (punica granatum - plane granatmed) (0.04%), cabbage fruit concentrate (euterpe oleracea - oil cabbage) (0.03%), grape cutting extract (0.02%).



     Net content: 750 ml