„Tre-en-en“, Food supplement Neolife

  • „Tre-en-en“, Food supplement Neolife

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    Tre-en-en Healthy grain concentrate nourishes cells and provides energy and vitality. In healthy cereal, lipids and sterols are essential for the effective functioning of the cells. The TRE-EN-EN grain concentrate is equipped with a unique and special mixture of healthy sources: wheat germ, rice bran and soy beans. Contains lipid and sterols that are often lacking our diet.




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    120 Capsules - Net 120g 

  • Helps your cells to maintain a good lipid balance. Provides good lipids and sterols, fills these with the necessary nutrients in your dietary gaps. During the processing process removes very many nutrients with cereals with lipids, sterols and other essential nutrients. As a result, the cells fail to effectively function. NeoLife can offer a solution. The TRE-EN-EN grain concentrate is provided with lipids and sterols by filling possible nutritional gaps.

    TRE-EN-EN® • food supplement with rice bran, soya and wheat germ oil

    Components: Rice bran oil (30.87%), soya oil (23.19%), wheat germ oil (15.44%), gelatin, moisture-based glycerol, stabilizer beewax; Wheat gem powder (1.03%), rice bran powder (1.03%), dye titanium dioxide, antioxidant tocopherol concentrated extract, coloring chlorophiline copper complexes.



    120 Capsules - Net 120g