Strong" triple " effect cleaning agent

The strongest Golden cleanser Super 10 penetrates, dissolves and clears even the most difficult to remove dirt. The cleaner is perfect both in industrial enterprises and at home. Super 10 facilitates your housekeeping, cleaner safe for the environment. It perfectly clears grease and stains, finger seals, traces and soap stains on the tiles. Dilute in the required ratio. It is an effective cleaning agent at the lowest price.

Why universal cleaner?

Universal cleaners have been used in our household for many years. When using a universal cleanser, it is no longer necessary to use many special cleaning agents. This saves money and no longer has to have so many different cleaning products at home.

Why Golden Super 10?

Used in Europe for more than 40 years.
Safe for all surfaces that can be cleaned with water.
Triple effect. Penetrates, dissolves and absorbs dirt.
Concentrated, strong alkalinity.
Thrifty. Using a small amount can wipe a large surface.
Easily washed off.
Concentrated, less polluting environment.

Why is Super 10 so special?


Super 10 is a particularly effective cleaning agent, as it contains a unique, triple-effect formula:
Super 10 penetrates the stain. The cleaner penetrates between the surface and dirt.
Super 10 dissolves the stain, breaking down the dirt, making it easy to remove.
Super 10 absorbs dirt, so you can easily wipe or wipe the surface.
Super 10 is very alkaline, so it becomes especially effective when it" recognizes " a stain or dirt.
How does the cleaner work ?

Super 10 contains moisturizing components of non-ionic origin, organic solvents and natural soap.
Cleanser concentrated, triple-effect formula penetrates between the surface and the stain and perfectly removes

Why do people need Super 10?

Super 10 is a concentrated cleaning agent that gives the same result as other conventional, but
space-intensive cleaning products!

In the kitchen: spray and wipe. Suitable for kitchen appliances, wooden, Chrome and enameled surfaces, stoves, countertops, window palaces, barbecues and hoods. Excellent cleaner for pots and pans.
In the bathroom: equipment, floor, walls, tiles, mirrors.
For washing: clears ink, pencils, lipsticks and deep-penetrating stains.
On site: for carpet, windows and other surfaces.
In the garage: machinery for the engine. Cleans dirt and oil stains, suitable for washing tools, garage floor. For vinyl and artificial leather surfaces, use a moderately diluted cleanser.
Outside: barbecue grill, gate, garden furniture.

Especially heavy cleaning:
mortar ratio 1: 3-One dali. Dilute Super 10 and 3 parts of water in a bottle with a nozzle.

Blood spots
Wet the stain with cold water. Spray Super 10 on the stain. Gently rub and leave Super 10 for a few minutes to penetrate the J tissue. Wash normally.

Ovens and barbecues
preheat the oven to 50'c. spray the inside of the oven with concentrated mortar and close the oven door. If the liquid evaporates (if the temperature is above 50'C), spray again until the walls of the oven become moist. Let the Super 10 do their job - wait 5 minutes. spray again. Wait 15 minutes. dry the oven with a coarse, damp cloth.

Hover, warm up the engine and then turn off. Spray the engine Super 10 and leave for 5 minutes. Spray again and wait 15 minutes and apply a strong stream of water.
Care should be taken to prevent water from entering the distributor enclosure or other electrical parts.

Tools and equipment
Spray Super 10 and leave for a few minutes. Wash and dry.

Spray Super 10, rub with a sponge or brush and rinse thoroughly with water. Wipe the chrome surface with a towel to make the surface shiny.

Rubbing spots
To remove rubbing stains, use Super 10 and a brush.

Routine cleaning:
if you use a bottle with a nozzle, mix 1 part of Super 10 and 10 parts of water (1:10).

For cleaning kitchen, bathroom surfaces (walls, tiles, cabinets).
For cleaning suitcases, casualties and brush.
Plastic and vinyl products.
When cleaning, for example, an old painted cabinet door, first try the cleaner on a small area of the inner surface of the door. Clean from the bottom up, do not let the cleaner stay on the surface, immediately wipe it. Do not allow surface flow. When cleaning lacquered or non-lacquered wooden cabinet doors, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some lacquered surfaces may be water sensitive, as some types of varnish allow the surface to" breathe " and retain moisture.


Spray Super 10. Leave for a few minutes for easy wiping. Then wipe with a small toothpick or other brush.

Ink Spots

Spray and allow Super 10 to penetrate and absorb the stain. Attention ! Some types of ink have permanent dyes, which can not be cleaned. Therefore, the Super 10 will not clean the stamp or printer ink.

Carpets (furniture fabrics and materials)

Before you start cleaning: first check the durability of the color. Mix Super 10 with distilled water to avoid water stains. Recent stains should be treated with a damp cloth. Carefully spray Super 10. Wait 2-3 minutes until the stain is absorbed. Moisten a soft cloth and moisten the stain. Spray again if necessary. In inaccessible places, rub with your fingers or brush. If stains are difficult to clean, repeat the procedure again. Allow the fabric to dry and then clean with a vacuum cleaner. Don't soak fabric in Super 10 cleaner!
Attention use Super 10 only for cleaning small spots. Find out what Origin the stain is, and whether it is possible to clean it in Super 10.


Linoleum, cork, rubber and wooden floors, ceramic tiles and vinyl coating. Stir 1-3
caps Super 10 concentrate in 4 liters of warm water, depending on the surface to be cleaned. Wash the floor with a mop or broom. Wipe with a damp or dry cloth. Rinse with clean, warm water.

Spots on clothes

Before you start cleaning, check the durability of the color and read the recommendations for washing! Helps to clean fruit, coffee, tea, makeup, grease stains on clothes, as well as dirt stains on the shirt collar.
Spray Super 10 and leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash in a washing machine. For cleaning resistant stains, use a mortar of stronger concentration.
Attention do not use Super 10 instead of machine wash shampoo. Super 10 you can wash the rims.

Routine cleaning and updating

The tool removes rubbing marks, finger stains and small plaque from various surfaces. When using this remedy, Chrome acquires a shine, porcelain a new glow,plumbing fixtures become clean and shining, as well as rosettes, door handles, etc. Spray, count to 10, and wipe.

Special features:

Especially strong, but safe for you and your home – does not damage the surface, which can be cleaned with water.
Triple effect-penetrates, solution and absorbs.
Concentrated-a small amount is enough for a large surface.
Easily washed off-does not leave any sticky deposits.
Non-combustible-safe for use near heat or flame sources.