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    "Soft" is a modern multifunction softener that gives fabric pleasant softness and so desired fresh aroma. Softens fabrics removes the static charge, facilitating the tissue comparison.



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  • Software softener

    Concentrated laundry softener. Softens fabrics facilitate comparison, gives a pleasant smell and eliminate the static charge. Add softener before the last rinse.

    Rinse in automatic laundry:
    3-4 kg of laundry add 1 stopper concentrated softener, 5-6 kg - 2 blockers. Laundry softener can be diluted with water: Part 1 Soft Dilute 2 parts of water, then 3-4 kg linen Fourth 3 Caps diluted softener, 5-6 kg - 6 stopper diluted softener.
    Rinse by hand: Add 2 caps for 10 l water with water diluted (1: 2) or 1 stopper
    concentrated softener. Coupling of carpet building: Add a pair of Soft concentrated softener drops into 1/2 liter bottle with the nozzle and fill the water. Set a small spraying current. Place the flight on the carpet. Spray cautiously, do not leave wet stains. It is better to soften several times than once in a strong stream. Composition: 15-30%: cationic surfactants, <5%: methyl chlorine isotiazolinone, methylizothiazolinone, flavorings (hexylinamalal, coumarin, butylphenylmethyl propenels, benzylsalicylate, linolol, α-isomethonon). Ph about 3.0.



    Quantity: 1l.