,,Nutriance Organic Rejuvenating Rich Cream"

,,Nutriance Organic Rejuvenating Rich Cream"

Code 369 / 50 ml

  • Certified green measure
  • pH 4,9
  • 100% vegan
  • Clinically tested
  • Does not cause comedones (does not clog pores) 

Apply Nutrition Organic Rejuvenating Rich Cream to the skin after the 3rd step of Nutrition Organic skin care - you will achieve the best result daily in the morning and evening. ,Nutrition Organic Rejuvenating Rich Cream is an effective skin nourishing formula with strong anti-wrinkle components: sea Lavender, vitamin C and marine phytomaterials to help reduce wrinkles and wrinkles and other signs of early aging.
* skin looks more youthful

Why Lush nourishing cream?

The skin must retain moisture and protect itself, especially under the influence of adverse weather and other highly drying factors (air conditioning, heating, sun, etc.).).In this case, moisturizing cream alone is not enough.
Dehydrated, dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkling. Saturated creams additionally nourish and moisturize the skin, strengthening the skin barrier functions and protecting against dehydration.
Contains active substances that fight wrinkles and wrinkles and give the skin a glow.
Why Nutrition Organic Rejuvenating Rich Cream?

,Nutrition Organic Rejuvenating Rich Cream is a rich nourishing formula that provides the skin with vital elements for its hydration and protection. The sea plant-based formula helps to combat the signs of skin aging, restores healthy glow, improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles and wrinkles.
Clinically tested and recommended for all skin types
Dermatologically tested in one of Europe's leading skin care clinics: clinically tested, safe, effective, the skin tolerates the cream well.
In just 4 weeks reduces wrinkles to 38%."
* It has been clinically demonstrated that the depth and length of skin folds decreased after 4 weeks of daily use.
The results may vary.

Essential active ingredients

This unique formula uses a young plant complex, Botanical Anti-Aging Marine (BAAM), with phytomaterials of marine origin that activate and protect the skin by acting synergistically with other anti-wrinkle elements. The BAAM complex consists of five effective components:
- Sea Lavender extracts help protect the skin by strengthening its barrier and promoting the introduction of effective anti-ageing and moisturising agents into the skin.
- The brown algae Aaria esculenta provides the skin with antioxidants, activates and tightens it.
- An extract of the Marine polysaccharide Alteromonas, obtained from phytoplankton of the Iruaz sea (Brittany coast, France) helps fight wrinkles and wrinkles.
- Extract of molene archipelago seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) and large brown algae (Laminaria digidata) moisturize and nourish the skin, providing moisture and elasticity.
. Vitamin C provides antioxidants.
. Both low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, "locks" so important moisture inside the skin barrier.
A mixture of lipids from argan , avocado , baobab, Shea and Olive provides fatty acids that nourish the skin , strengthen the protective lipid barrier , protect against dehydration.
Olive squalane has excellent moisturizing properties, supports skin barrier functions, protecting against water loss.
Essential oils of chamomile, lavender and ylang-ylang have a relaxing and soothing effect.