NeoLifebar, the snack of the fruit and nuts

  • NeoLifebar, the snack of the fruit and nuts

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    Do you want to snack among meals? Food stores a large selection of various snacks rich in empty calories and unhealthy ingredients. Instead of such foods better to lure nutritious, delicious and saturated snack. Neolifebar is a snack for the whole family. Contains 10 g of protein, 5 g of fibers, 250 mg Omega-3 fatty acids from linseed and only 173 kcal. In addition to artificial sweeteners, dyes, flavorings or preservatives. Without gluten.





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     15 x 45 g - net content 675g 

  • Neolifebar is a delicious and nutritious snack bar, rich protein and fiber source, wide range of vitamins and minerals. Inaugural nutrients from dried warmths, cranberries and raisins. Cashors and almond pieces along with sunflower and molar seeds provide protein, fibers and excellent taste.Thile snacks can help regulate appetite and increase the likelihood of the success of the weight control program. Perfectly adjust to NeoLife's weight control program as a healthy snack in the morning or afternoon! Glycemic reaction control technology. The rich source of protein and fiber from NeoFe proprietary proteins and fibers. Neolifebar fruit and nut bar.

    Ingredients: soy chips (soy protein isolate, manic starch, salt), soluble fibers, oat flakes without gluten (9.3%), rice syrup, raisins (7.8%), pumpkin seeds (7.5%), sweetened cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil) (5.9%), cashews (4.9%), almonds (4.9%), dehydrated rice syrup, moisture material glycerol, linseed (3.2%) , Soy protein isolate, vitamins and minerals [dicalcium phosphate, vitamin E (d-alfa tocopherol, mixture of tocopherols, soya oil), vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), niacin (nicotinamide), iron sulfate, chromium (III) chloride , dried yeast, vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), calcium d-pantenate, vitamin B 6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate), vitamin D 2 (ergocalciferol), vitamin B12 (cyanocalamin), Folic acid (pteroilmonoglutamic acid)], sunflower seeds (2%), cane sugar, sunflower oil , Vegetable fibers (stock resin), natural flavorings, blueberries (0.5%), antioxidant: (the tocopherol concentrated extract). Neolifebar bar is a delicious and nutritious snack. Enjoy one bar in a day. Each beam contains 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of nutritional fibers and 320 mg omega-3 fatty acids from flax linseed. NeoLifeBar provides natural healthy cereals, nuts, seeds, nutrients from various berries, vitamins and minerals.



    15 x 45 g - net content 675g