Mineral (Sodium)

Who needs it ?Sodium alaics the body's fluid balance, prevents dehydration, helps nervous activity, is used to reduce the muscle process, as well as the heart muscle , involved in the production of energy , the transfer of nutrients to cells.

Signs of deficiency
Hot flushes, heat exhaustion, low blood pressure, rapid pulse, mental, apathy , loss of appetite , muscle convulsions , nausea , vomiting , weight loss, headache.

How much ?

RDA (recommended daily intake) 2400 mg
OPN (optimal daily intake) 2400 mg


This may occur if you consume a higher dose of sodium from salty foods and do not get enough water. Signs: water retention (edema) , high blood pressure , kidney disease.

Recommended Products

Sauerkraut (664 mg), olives (2020 mg), shrimp (23000 mg), miso (2950 mg) , beetroot (282 mg), Ham (1500 mg), celery (875 mg), cabbage (643 mg), crab (369 mg), cottage cheese (405 mg), watercress (45 mg), red beans (327 mg).

Recommended supplements

Need, enough food.


Vitamin D


Potassium and chlorine act inversely to sodium and the body, maintaining electrolyte balance.

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