Mineral (Selenium)

Mineral (Selenium)

Who needs it ?Antioxidant properties of selenehelps fight free radicals and carcinogens , reduces inflammation , stimulates the immune system and fights infection , supports heart health , helps vitamin E, necessary for the activity of the male reproductive system , necessary for metabolic processes in the body.


Signs of deficiency

Often found cancers in the family , early aging , cataracts , high blood pressure, frequent infections.

How much?

No Adi (recommended daily intake)
OPN (optimal daily intake) 100 mcg


None if the Selenium dose does not exceed 750 mcg. In excessive doses, selenium interferes with the structure and function of proteins in the hair , nails and skin. The smell of garlic from the mouth may appear.

Recommended foods

Tuna (116 mcg), oysters (65 mcg), molasses (130 mcg), mushrooms (130 mcg), Herring (61 mcg), cottage cheese (23 mcg), cabbage (3 mcg), Ox liver (49 mcg), zucchini (3 mcg), Cod (29 mcg), chicken (27 mcg).


Vitamins E, A and C.


Processed foods, modern methods of Agriculture.

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