Mineral (Molybdenum )

Mineral (Molybdenum )

Who needs it?

Molybdenum helps the body cleanse from protein catabolism (processing) products such as uric acid , strengthens teeth and helps reduce the incidence of tooth decay , clears the body from free radicals , petrochemicals and sulphites.

Signs of deficiency

Unknown ,except in cases where excess copper and sulphate disrupt the uptake of molybdenum. Animals due to lack of molybdenum have respiratory and neurological disorders.

How much?

No Adi (recommended daily intake)
OPN (optimal daily intake) not determined


Exacerbation of podarga and an increase in serum uric acid may occur at 10 to 15 mg / day.

Recommended foods

Tomatoes , wheat germ , pork , lamb , lentils, beans.


Proteins containing amino acids with a sulfur molecule , carbohydrates , fats.


Copper, sulphates.

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