Mineral (Manganese)

Mineral (Manganese)

Who needs it?

Manganese helps to form healthy bones , cartilage, tissues and nerves, activates more than 20 enzymes, including the antioxidant enzyme system , stabilizes blood sugar levels , protects DNA and RNA necessary for reproduction and red blood cell production, is important for insulin production , reduces cell damage necessary for nervous system activity .


Signs of deficiency

Muscle twitching, pains throughout the body during growth in childhood, headaches and imbalance, seizures , convulsions ,aching knees , joint pains.

How much?

No Adi (recommended daily intake)
OPN (optimal daily intake) 10mg



Recommended foods

Watercress (0.5 mg), pineapple (1.7 mg), okra (0.9 mg), andiva-endive (0.4 mg), blackberries (1.3 mg), raspberries (1.1 mg), lettuce (0.15 mg), grapes (0.7 mg), lima beans (1.3 mg), strawberries (0.3 mg), oats (0.6 mg), beets (0.3 mg), celery (0.14 mg).


Zinc, vitamins E, B1, C1, K.


Antibiotics, alcohol , processed foods, calcium, phosphorus.

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