Mineral (Iron)

Mineral (Iron)

Who needs it?

Being a component of hemoglobin, iron participates in the "journey" of oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from cells .Also it is a component of various vital enzymes.

Signs of deficiency

Anemia , pale skin , sensitive tongue, fatigue, apathy, lack of appetite, nausea, sensitivity to cold.

How much?

RDA (recommended daily intake) 14 mg
OPN (optimal daily intake) 20 mg


It is not known if the dose is less than 1000 mg.

Recommended foods

Pumpkin seeds (11.2 mg), parsley (6.2 mg), almonds (4.7 mg), prunes (3.9 mg), cashews (3.6 mg), raisins (3.5 mg), Brazil nuts (3.4 mg), walnuts (3.1 mg), dates(3.0 mg), pork (2.9 mg), boiled dried beans (2.7 mg), sesame seeds (2.4 mg), pecans (2.4 mg).


Vitamin C (increases the absorption of iron), vitamin E, calcium (in moderate amounts ), folic acid, phosphorus, gastric acid.


Oxalates (spinach and rhubarb), tannic acid (tea) ,phytates (wheat bran), phosphates (additive to carbonated drinks , food additive - preservative) , gastric acid - reducing drugs-antacids , high content of zinc.

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