„Mild Revitalizing Shampoo“

  • „Mild Revitalizing Shampoo“

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    Mild Revitalizing Shampoo thoroughly washes the hair, without taking away the necessary moisture. Helps maintain a natural moisture balance, gives the hair purity and shine. Enjoy gentle and obedient hair.

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    Quantity 250 ml  

  • Mild Revitalizing Shampoo Quality hair shampoo with vitamin B3, provitamin B5 and selected plant extracts washes and nods the hair. Gives your hair a natural glow, elasticity and shine.

    • The synergistic gentle cleansing system thoroughly washes the hair without damaging the moisture balance.
    • Shampoo contains vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and provitamin B5 (pantheol), which help maintain a natural moisture balance and give the hair shine.
    • The herbal components contained in the shampoo, aloe vera and chamomile extracts, soften and refresh.
    • Especially gentle, easy-to-rinse shampoo gives the hair life and facilitates their formation.
    • The water-soluble formula helps maintain a normal pH balance between hair and scalp.
    • Clinically studied in one of Europe's most prestigious dermatology centres.
    • Fresh aroma will please your entire family. High-quality components create a pleasant, gentle and unsophated aroma. 
    • Nutriance Personal Care series presents high quality products for daily hair and body care.

    Quantity 250 ml