LDC Light Duty Cleaner, Hand soap

  • LDC Light Duty Cleaner, Hand soap

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    LDC - tai švelni, universali namų valymo priemonė. Plaukite indus, rankas, virtuvės darbastalius, viryklės paviršių, šaldytuvą ir kitus nešvarius paviršius.




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    Kiekis: 1 L 

  • The LDC triple exposure cleaning tool makes water even more efficient and make better results.

     Economical - concentrated, small amount is enough for a long time.
     Easily washed - does not leave any tags on the dish or clothing.
     Easily sparkling - effectively destroys the fat, especially for dishes, glass, pots and pans. Perfect for gentle fabrics - they become soft and refreshing smells.
     Balanced pH - pH neutral.
     Universal - effective in hot, cold, stuck, hard or even in cheese water.
    Camping is suitable for dish, clothing and hand wash in cold water. Current but gentle.



    Quantity: 1 l