niversal tool for washing hands, dishes and easy cleaning

LDC is a liquid, pleasant-smelling cleaning agent that is strong enough to cope with hard-to-clean pots and pans, but also gentle, so that it is suitable even for hand washing. LDC gives the vessels and cups Shine, leaves no streaks and deposits. The remedy foams well, so it is enough for a very long time, even for pans and pots. It is an effective and gentle means for washing hands: knitwear or sweaters that become soft and pleasantly smell.

LDC is most effective in hot water, but the cleaner works in cold, or even salt water. LDC is convenient to use in camping or other places where there is no hot water.

Why dishwashing detergent and liquid soap?

Liquid soap is suitable for washing delicate fabrics that require special care. Detergent can be used for washing dishes, hand washing, cleaning kitchen countertops.

Why Golden LDC?


Economical. All you need is a little bit, and that's enough for a long time.
Easily washed off, does not leave stains.
Delicate fabrics can be washed, they become soft and smell great.
Balanced pH. Gentle to the skin.
Perfect for spot liquid soap for hand washing.
The water becomes "wetter".
How does the cleaner work ?

With LDC, the water becomes "wetter". It penetrates into fat and dirt. Huge LDC foams remain throughout the wash, and neutral pH balance does not irritate the skin of your hands.

Why do people need LDC ?
LDC is the most gentle, versatile household cleaner!

In the kitchen: porcelain, pots and pans, glass, tea cups, porcelain and ceramic dishes.
For washing: sweater, underwear, nylon, neighbor and other hand-washable clothes for washing.


If you wash by hand: mix one part LDC with 5 parts water in a mixing bottle. Pour LDC cleanser under a stream of running water to create a lot of foam. With this cleanser, you can wash off dirt and grease. Rinse and allow to dry. If the dishes are difficult to wash, such as burnt pots, let them soak in the cleanser.
Attention: dilute l part cleanser with 4 parts water for washing old dish dirt.

Camping: suitable for washing dishes, clothes and hands in cold water.
For removing wallpaper: mix 3-4 caps LDC in 6 liters of hot water. Moisten the wallpaper with a sponge. Allow the cleanser to soak. Water removes old wallpaper, and LDC penetrates into old glue and softens them. Every 5 minutes, repeat the procedure 2-3 times. Remove old wallpaper, remove residues using LDC mortar and Putty tool. Before making or gluing new wallpaper, thoroughly wash the wall.
For hand washing: mix l part LDC with 5 parts water. It is an effective,but gentle hand wash. LDC may be used instead of liquid soap (1 :5) when added to the mixing bottle. Wash your hands with water, apply a couple drops of LDC cleaner mortar and rub. Rinse with water.
For hand washing: nylon, viscose, cotton, polyester and other synthetic fabrics for washing, for example., lycra and latex (attention: do not wash silk!), pour into the water L cap LDC. Stir to form foam. Soak the garment. Rinse gently. drain the water. For normal cleaning :for cleaning tiles, pipes or other bathroom surfaces, use LDC mixture 1: 5.

Special features:


Economical-concentrated. a small amount is enough for a long time.
Easily washed off-does not leave any marks on dishes or clothes.
Easily foaming-effectively destroys fat, especially suitable for washing dishes, glass, pots and pans. Perfect for delicate fabrics-they become soft and have a refreshing smell.
Balanced pH-pH neutral.
Universal-effective in hot, cold, soft, hard or even salt water.