Garlic Allium Complex, Garlic and Onion Supplement Neolife

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    NeoLife Garlic Allium Complex contains natural nutrients from garlic vegetables. Each dose is 4200 MCG pure alicin, as well as onions, partial garlic and pairs of bioactive materials. Exceptional technology presents active alicin directly into the intestine by strengthening the absorption and removing the smell of garlic. 

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    60 tablets - net content 24 g 

  • Neolife Garlic Allium Complex provides natural nutrients from garlic vegetables.Iškiskutical "Target delivery" technology presents active alicin directly into the intestine by removing the smell of garlic and strengthening the absorbing.

    Components: Garlic Extract (55.94%), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Adjusting Material Stearing, Onion Extract (2.48%), Stabilizer Ethyl Cellulose, Stabilizer Medium Length Circuit Triglycerides, Stabilizer Olyic Acid, Couple Powder (2.23% ), dye titanium dioxide, dye sodium alginate, adulcant substance silica, rosemary extract (0.62%), stabilizer shellac, partly garlic extract (0.06%), gloat material talc. The daily normaatites 1800 mg of garlic and 900 mg onion. One tablet contains 2.1 mg of alicin.

    60 tablets - net content 24 g