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    G1 is concentrated for washing powders that are easy to rinse, they are biodegradable. Wash even the most difficult stains, and your clothes again look like new.




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  • Good laundry powder must have some good qualities. First of all, they have to overcome any dirt and independently of the type of fabric, it is not damaged. They must be effective, regardless of the laundry hand or a certain type of washing machine, the water temperature, the water is solid or soft. After all, laundering is important not only whether the garment is clean - it must look clean. Your laundry must be soft and refreshing fragrant. White laundry must be white and colored - bright and missing. The G1 washing powder is specifically designed to meet all these requirements.

     This is a unique tool operating in any water water.
     Effectively sweeps many stains.
     The original washing powder formula seizes the dirt and does not allow him to penetrate other laundry.
     After rectting, no tags leave.
     Controls foam formation.
     To concentrate.
     Protects the washing machine from corrosion.
     How does Golden G1 work?

    Scientists have long realized that removing fat stains are very difficult. Fabrics have a special feature - they are attracted to mud molecules. They penetrate the tissue deeply and oppose the tests. G1 offers a solution to this problem.

    The active components of Golden G1 penetrate even the most difficult stains, and alkaline components remove mud molecules from the fabric. It is important that the dirt has been removed from other laundry. G1 Contains components that hold dirt in water until it is removed from the washing machine. In addition, G1 has materials that protect the metal part of the washing machine from corrosion.
    Golden G1 contains sodium pervarbonate that eliminates the deepest penetrating stains, the special components operate even at low temperature water.
    Golden G1 contains optical bleaches that white laundry are even more bleached, and the colored laundry becomes even brighter. Because G1 components do not accumulate in fabric fiber, so even when washing many times, your laundry does not bluk.
    Golden G1 is easy to rinse - is another advantage of this measure
    The Golden G1 rinsing is completely removed. The washing powder does not leave any soap sediment for which the fabric is faborn. They are not tissue fabric and make it easy to smooth out. The powder does not leave any spots on the shirt, lingerie or sock, so the skin is not irritated. Leather non-irritable sheeting and pillowcase.
    Users manual

    The Golden G1 formula guarantees the most effective washing. The washing powder is economical, can be used in various temperature water. Using, pay attention to the amount of consumption and the instructions indicated on the label.


    Quantity: 5 kg