Folic acid

Folic acid

Who needs it ?

Folic acid is absolutely necessary during pregnancy for the development and activity of the fetal brain and nerves. Necessary for brain and nervous activity, protein utilization and production of erythrocytes.


Signs of deficiency

Anemia , eczema , broken lips ,early hair loss , anxiety and tension , poor memory , lack of energy , poor appetite , stomach pains, depression.

How much?

RDA (recommended daily intake) 200 mcg
OPN (optimal daily intake) 800 mcg.


Rarely observed, but exceeding 15 mg leads to problems with digestion and sleep.

Recommended foods

Wheat germ (325 mcg), spinach (140 mcg), peanuts (110 mcg) ,sprouts (110 mcg), asparagus (95 mcg), sesame seeds(97 mcg), forest nuts(72 mcg),broccoli (130 mcg), cashews (69 mcg), cauliflower (39 mcg), walnuts(66 mcg),avocado (66 mcg)


Works in combination with other vitamins of Group B , especially with B12.It is best to take with food and vitamin B complex.


High temperature, cooking and contraceptive pills.

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