Flavonoid Complex, Flavonoid Supplement Neolife

  • Flavonoid Complex, Flavonoid Supplement Neolife

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    Flavonoid Complex get benefits from fruits and vegetables, rich flavonoids.Flavonoids from healthy products in a unique concerted form. Wavy-soluble flavonoids from green tea, leafy cabbage, cranberry, foamed berries, red and black grapes, beetroot, lemon, orange and grapefruit concentrate. Contains vitamin C.

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    60 tablets - net content 45 g 

  • Flavonoid Complex Cranberry Extract - Leaf Cabbage Concentrate - Green Tea Extract, Food Supplement Flavonoid Complex Supplement contains a number of fruit and vegetable extracts and concentrates in the concentrates of avonoids such as catechins, anthocyanins, proantocyanins, FL Avonols and elagric acid . Contains vitamin C.

    Components: Filling Dichal Phosphate, thickener Microcrystalline cellulose, cranberry extract (13.38%), leaf cabbage concentrate (10.71%), green tea extract (5.35%), red beet powder (red beetroot, maltodextrin) Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), berry powder (foam berries, raspberries, bruises, grape extract, maltodextrin), citrus bio fl avonoids, glazing hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, grape powder, red grape powder (red grapes, maltodextrin), adhesive control of fat Acids, adhesive control of silica, adhesive control of fatty acid magnesium salts, glazing material Glycerol, dye carmine, dye chlorine fi flax copper complexes.The value: daily rates (2 tablets) are 60 mg of vitamin C, representing 75% of the reference nutritional value , 200 mg of cranberry extract, 160 mg leaf cabbage concentrate, 80 mg green Aios tea extract, 40 mg of flavonoids (of which catechins, antocyanins, proantocyanins, flavors, flavanones, flavonols), 1 mg elagric acid.



    60 tablets - net content 45 g