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    Enriching Conditioner is quality hair conditioning, gives hair smoothness, does not burden them. Natural materials are strengthening hair, detain moisture to make hair viable and soft.

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    Amount of 250 ml 

  • "Enriching Conditioner" Quality Hair Conditioning With Provitamine B5 and Sweet Almond Extract Restores Hair Structure and Gives Gloss Guidance. During the heat of the heat, the environment and other effects. Feeds Rich Revitalizing Shampoo and Mild Revitalizing Shampoo.

    • The unique combination of nutrients takes care of the hair, they become soft, easy to comb and fluffy. Regenerates dry and damaged hair. Protects against harmful environmental factors.
    • Balm contains sweet almond extract and provitamin B5 (panthenol) that helps to maintain the natural hair lipid balance and gives hair purification and gloss.
    • Excellent Nutriance Revitalizing Shampoo replenishment.
    • Gentle, easily rinse balm gives hair vitality and obedience.
    • Water-soluble formula helps maintain normal hair and scalp pH balance.
    • Clinically investigated in one of the most prestigious European dermatology centers.
    • The refreshing aroma will enjoy the whole family. High quality components create a pleasant, gentle and unpulled aroma.
    • The Nutriance Personal Care series presents high quality products for everyday hair and body care.

    Amount of 250 ml