Cruciferous Plus, cross-border supplement Neolife

  • Cruciferous Plus, cross-border supplement Neolife

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    The power of Cruciferous Plus crop materials, it is necessary daily, in a convenient tablet. If you feel that your diet in your diet is a low broccoli or leaf cabbage, then we can offer an excellent solution. Each Cruciferous Plus tablet contains a wide range of cross-border vegetable extract. Contains vitamin E.

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    60 tablets - net content 49g 

  • Cruciferous Plus Food supplement with orange oil, soy and broccolar cabbage extract with food supplement. Cruciferous Plus food supplement is abundant from cross-border of vegetable extracts and concentrates.

    Components: Stabilizer microcrystalline cellulose; soy milk powder (24.32%), broccolar cabbage extract (brokolic cabbage (6.08%), leaf cabbage (6.08%), radish (6.08%)), orange oil powder (12.16%) , corn starch, adhesive control of silica, mustard seed oil powder (1.52%), glazing hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, stabilizer fatty acids, adulcant substance in fatty acid magnesium salt, vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol acetate), blender Powder (virtual indoor, maltodextrin) (0.30%), moisture-sized substance glycerol, simple licorice extract (licorice roots, maltodextrin) (0.12%), mustard seed powder (0.12%), dyes (chlorine fi copper complexes , limits fl the ram).

    Nutritional value: The daily dose (1 tablet) is 3 mg of vitamin E. This represents 25% of the reference nutritional value.

    60 tablets - net content 49g