Atherosclerosis and angina

Atherosclerosis and angina

there is a narrowing of the vessels due to the deposition of fat on the walls. When this process is far advanced, blood pressure begins to rise. If the coronary arteries feeding the heart are clogged, angina occurs-this is a pain in the chest during physical exertion. Optimal nutrition is the first choice to prevent atherosclerosis. Dietary supplements antioxidants help prevent tissue damage due to circulatory disorders. Vitamin C and lysine help restore atherosclerotic lesions. Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) increases high-density lipids, which clear cholesterol from blood vessels. Fish oil, rich in EPR and DHA, liquefies blood and lowers cholesterol.

Dietary advice

Do not consume sugar, salt , foods rich in saturated fatty acids, coffee and a lot of alcohol. Eat seeds so that your body receives enough essential fatty acids. Perform as many physical exercises as possible according to abilities.


2 doses of multivitamin and mineral complex
2 doses of antioxidant complex per day
4 doses of vitamin C 1000 mg
Nicotinic acid 500 mg
3 doses of Omega-3 fatty acids (containing EPR 1200 mg)
Vitamin E 400 mg