„Ami-Tone“ Amino acid food supplement Neolife

  • „Ami-Tone“ Amino acid food supplement Neolife

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    Tone for AMI-Tone and to be in good shape! Special Neolife Sport Ami-Tone provides these amino acids: l-arginine, l-ornitino and l-tyrosine, also contains choline, which is a vital nutrient, and inositol found in each cell of our body.Norite gain more strength , have energy or become physically stronger - effective metabolism is very important for growing muscles and regain forces after workout or active day.




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    120 tablets - net content 89g 

  • L-arginine is in some cases an indispensable amino acid. This means that it is very important to supply the body with food when physiological needs of forces are greater than the body's ability to produce it. L-ornitin is not an indispensable amino acid, it is formed by L-arginine. Ornine is an important ammonia disposal of the blood process. Ornithin kidneys may turn into arginine and thus give the body the benefits of arginine. , which helps to maintain normal homocystein metabolism and normal liver activity. It is considered one of the lipotropic substances and helps to maintain normal lipid metabolism. Choline is required for the structure and function of the central nervous system - is part of the membranes and "memory" neurotransmitter acetylcholine - the nutrient contained in each cell which plays an important role in transmitting signals. This is an important part of cell membrane phospholipids

    • Contains no potentially hazardous stimulating materials.

    • No artificial materials! In addition to artificial dyes, flavorings, sweeteners or preservatives!

    • We guarantee that the product does not contain any International Olympic Committee or the Global Anti-Doping Agency currently prohibited composite materials.



    120 tablets - net content 89g