Aloe Vera Plus, Aloe Drink Neolife

  • Aloe Vera Plus, Aloe Drink Neolife

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    „Neolife Aloe Vera Plus“ A nutritious and delicious drink made from pure aloe gels. Contains only the highest quality aloe juice, squeezing the part of the inner aloe sheets with pleasant taste. 

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    Quantity: 1 l 

  • The beavy drink is made of pure aloe and herbal and subclamated fructose. Have only natural aromatic substances. Neolife Aloe Vera Plus does not contain alloin.

    Ingredients: Carbonated water (53%), aloe jelle (40%), fructose (6.5%), herbal tea mixture (tea extract, ginseng extract, chamomile extract), acidity regulator citric acid, preservative sodium benzoate, natural lemon flavorings. Consumption: Drink 50 -100 ml per day. Nutritional value (100 ml): Energy value: 117 kJ (28 kcal) - fat: 0 g (of saturated fatty acids: 0 g) - carbohydrates: 6.8 g (of which sugar: 6.5 g) - proteins : 0.02 g - Contains a very low amount of salt.

    Shake before use. Storage conditions: Store in dry cool, out of reach of children. Store an open bottle in the refrigerator. 

    Quantity: 1 l